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Designed Modern Building
Modern Building

Project Financing

Sals Capital specializes in providing financial solutions for commercial projects worldwide. Our 100% financing options allow us to tailor loans according to the unique requirements of your project. Whether you are interested in purchasing existing properties or embarking on a development venture, Sals Capital possesses the expertise and resources to fund your project or acquisition.

Hassle-Free Experience

Even if you haven't finalized the site, identified specific properties or businesses for acquisition, we can still finance your project. Additionally, we extend funding support to various sectors, including mines, energy projects, pharmaceuticals, and start-ups.
Unlike conventional institutional and private lenders, we don't prioritize factors such as credit scores, personal assets, a limited professional background, or the presence of collateral. Our decades of experience have enabled us to streamline our process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients. What matters most to us is the project's location, your ability to secure necessary licensing or permits, the NOI pre-debt service, and the project's alignment with our company floor, which ranges from $250M to $500M. In cases where your project falls below our company floor, we can combine two or more projects to meet our minimum financing requirement

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