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Corporate Financing

Sals Capital offers creative financing options for all your corporate needs. Whether you are considering a merger, acquisition, partner buy-out, working capital, lines of credit, balance sheet enhancement, hostile takeover, or starting a new venture, we have the perfect solution for you. Our efficient underwriting and approval process enable us to accelerate the implementation of your plans much faster than traditional investment banking, institutional lenders, private lenders, or venture capital providers. In many cases, we can secure funding within just 65-75 days.

Our ability to expedite funding is a result of disregarding the conventional requirements imposed by our competitors.

Business Meeting

Ultimately, our focus lies on the Net Operating Income (NOI) of your project. As long as the NOI meets our minimum underwriting criteria, we can provide financing for your venture. We have no industry restrictions, except for adult entertainment, and are open to funding cannabis and bitcoin projects as well.

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