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We can assist you in achieving your various goals, whether it's funding a $9B project internationally, monetizing relics, acquiring an existing oil and gas company, or joining a trade platform. Even if you lack equity or collateral, we can design a specialized loan to suit your needs. 

Our Family Office is exceptionally large and evaluates lending requirements for our partners. Working directly with the decision maker ensures a quick process, bypassing board reviews and investor approvals. You'll receive an offer on the same day. Unlike other large capital financing processes that can take years, Sals Capital can complete due diligence in just 30 days, with an additional 30 days to finalize documentation, allowing your project to be financed within 65-75 days. 

We offer swift funding scenarios, sometimes as fast as 30 days. Specializing in various areas, we can creatively structure personalized debt arrangements and even provide equity participation, sparing you the lengthy process of capital raises. Our financing services extend both domestically in the US and internationally. 

Sals Capital takes pride in our ability to adeptly structure and fund even the most challenging projects and financial needs. We have solutions for various hurdles, with the exception of poor NOI. Whether your project's CV is weak or you're a foreign national, we can find a way to support you and your venture.

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