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Take Control of Your Business

Learn how to get approved without using your social security number and build a 7 figure business leveraging your business credit. 

How Do I Maximize My Borrowing Power?

A lot of business owners wonder this question often but don't know where to turn to. Sals Capital is offering a FREE webinar hosted by an award winning successful multi-millionaire entrepreneur, Oz Konar, on how to build business credit and how you can make yourself successful doing it too. 

In this training you will get the following courses 

  • Intro to business credit 

  • Build a 6 figure business by helping others build business credit

  • Easy to follow steps on getting "business credit ready" 

  • Getting access to your business credit reports

  • Getting access to business credit funding

  • Avoiding denials, fixing mistakes and reading the reports

View this free webinar to see if this powerful training is right for you. 

Sign up right now and get access to free bonus content such as: 

  • How to Transfer Personal Vehicle Under Business Credit

  • How to Buy Real Estate With 0% Down Using Business Credit

  • How To Leverage Business Credit to Cover Personal Expenses

  • How to Buy Up to 4 Cars and Create a Cash Cow Business Through Business Credit





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