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How to Start a Clothing Business

Having to start your own clothing line business is very exciting and intimidating at the same time. It requires your time and money but if you’re eager to stick with it and put in perseverance and determination the reward can be incredible.

Every iconic brand has an origin story to tell. The famous brand you see in today’s department stores may have started as a small business which is made out of an inexperienced fashion designer’s living room. It is indeed challenging to launch your own clothing line but thanks to ecommerce platform and online marketing, it is likely possible to turn a brand that started in a small online store into a clothing brand that’s adored and beloved nationwide

It would be great if you do your assignment first and study all of the aspects that go into starting and running your own clothing line. We gather some of the steps to help you start a clothing business online the right way. Let’s go!

Understand the market and competitors

You first need to look for what’s in demand or what the people want in your niche. What are the current trends? What styles and designs will define this season? Where can these pieces be found currently (both offline and online)?

Create a business plan

When starting a clothing line business, it is important to do some research. Always remember to answer these following questions:

What are my competitors doing?

Who am I targeting with my creation and advertising strategies? A good clothing business plan outlines:

What do you sell, what are your goals for your company, including your team and company mission statement. Include precise, actionable, and computable business goals

What are your steps in order for the company to be successful (this is where your market research comes in)

What are your marketing plan and strategies?

Typically, your business plan should be fixed up to three to five years of your business. It is expected that sometimes things won’t always go exactly as planned, but you need to have something to work toward.

It's also very important that you have something to compare your progress to so that you can better understand if you’re on the right track meeting your goals, or if you need to change your original plan. Set realistic sales and distribution goals

Don’t be afraid to link up with different manufacturing companies and ask for a business professional to help you on the distribution aspect. Just because you have a fashion vision doesn’t mean that you know everything. If you can achieve your sales goals, you can continue to grow, as per your business plan.

Look for more funding

Once you have a proof concept—you can start just by producing clothing that you can sell in lesser quantities—Be on the lookout to find potential business partners and co-investors. Yes, it would be nice to own your business completely and keep all of your future profits. But when businesses start to scale up, they need to have a bigger capital.

The other way to get access to capital is by applying for a small business loan to alternative business lenders like Sals Capital. They have easier requirements compared to traditional banks. Take advantage of our interest free lines of credit up to two years. So, what are you waiting for? Better Call Sal at (332-334-1077).

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