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How to apply for Business Credit Cards with 0% Interest

Start-up business owners have a lot of consideration to do in the making, and while you’re just starting out, you just seem to handle everything to pick up the cash for the payroll. Obviously, finances are a huge factor and business credit cards can be a big asset in the company if used responsibly.

Having access to sufficient liquid cash makes your business resilient in the ever-changing market climate, capping immediate needs and allowing you to make profitable investments in the future.

So, if you’re one of the many small business owners who’s tired of wasting money on high credit card interest rates? Consider applying for a 0% interest credit card. Here are the guidelines you must follow to easily get approved.

1. Establish your business

What is considered a legitimate business when it comes to qualifying for business credit cards? The distinctiveness is quite broad, you are not obliged to have an official business structure, similar to an LLC or S Corp., in order to get approved for a business credit card, a sole proprietorship is also considered, making business credit cards a choice not just for business owners but also for those people who are doing freelance or contractual work.

2. Keep an eye on your credit score

Your personal credit history plays an important role when it comes to business credit cards due to the fact that if your business is not able to pay your credit card balance, you are likely to be paying it from your personal accounts. It is the responsibility of the business owner to pay what is charged on the