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Comparing different business finance options

Business Financing Solutions

Searching for small business financing can feel intimidating and overwhelming. Business owners have a lot of options in terms of financing solutions, and each has its own requirements and criteria depending on the type of financing you choose. Rates vary broadly as well. Several businesses considering outside funding would want to compare business loans to see what's available to them. Various lenders may offer different rates. Always look for the best deal, and keep an eye out for hidden fees. There are lots of ways to do this, which we'll cover, but there are also many other lending options to think about, which could be suitable for your business. If shortage of cash or working capital is the problem you want to solve, it might also be worth considering different forms of working capital finance like merchant cash advances, invoice finance, and revolving credit facilities. Cost of finance

The most obvious way to compare business loans is by checking at interest rates. But this may generally be more hindrance than a help because interest rates are only one part of the equation.

It's important to understand that the interest rate, the term, the amount and other secondary aspects like setup fees and advance repayment fees all add up to the total cost of finance.

It might sound strange, but it sometimes makes sense to choose a higher interest rate because of all the differences. For example, let's look at four different scenarios for a loan of $25,000.

Comparing business loans